Monday, 9 September 2013


PrEP - Primary Enterprise Programme

PrEP is run every year at our school. We have to come up with ventures or businesses and then we have to apply for jobs in those ventures. This means we have to do up a CV and a letter of application. Our teacher then lets us know if we have been successful in applying for the job.

PrEP runs every afternoon for two weeks. During this time we get paid, have a mini market and market day where we can sell our products and of course spend our hard earn money.

We love PrEP!

Making our birdscarers

We used old CD's, foam shapes and googly eyes to create them. We hoped that when the bird scarers were hung in the garden they would scare away the birds.

Making our pet rocks

We had fun painting them. Some of the things we painted the rocks as were minions and angry birds.


Each venture group had to make posters to advertise their products. We put these up around the school.

The Doorhangers group with their stall.

Market Day

The most exciting day of the PrEP fortnight! The whole school set up their different ventures on trestles and we got to go around and buy the products that we had made. The hard part was deciding what to buy!

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